Wiki format editing

Currently we are migrating our data into DebianWiki. Please use the following format when editing the data:

Web-based editing (obsolete method)

Currently we are migrating our data into DebianWiki. There exists a web-based editing form for old data which are still in our local database. This form will disappear soon.

Control bot for the non-free tracking system (obsolete method)

You interface with the control bot by sending email to this address:

 paulliu-guest+control at

The usage is similar to the BTS control bot, but the syntax is slightly different. It recognises these commands:

The bot ends processing after a "stop" or "thanks" command. The results of the commands will be sent to the nonfree-discuss list. The non-free tracking system pages are updated within 5 minutes. Please tell me if you find any bugs.

This is an updated reposting of the original announcement.

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